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The finding is significant because it lends credibility to claims made by a mysterious group calling itself ShadowBrokers.

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Two Coloradans join group calling itself ‘Hamilton Along with several other Colorado electors that have voiced support for the lawsuit and a group of Electoral

A group calling itself Shadow Brokers has claimed to hack the NSA-connected hackers known as Equation Group and put their stolen files up for sale.

Latest Group Calling Itself News from Belfast Telegraph ( in Belfast, Ireland

“A group calling itself Revolutionary Student Movement issued a press release Friday morning in which is denies involvement in the politically-themed graffiti that’s

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A group calling itself the “Shadow Broker” posted a trove of files online Monday, claiming it contains cyberweapons stolen from hackers called the Equation Group

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A mysterious online group calling itself “The Shadow Brokers” is claiming to have penetrated the National Security Agency, stolen some of its malware, and is

Two Coloradans join group calling itself ‘Hamilton Electors’ in attempt to derail Trump Gazette, Colorado Springs December 7, 2016 at 6:55 am 71 News. Share! Facebook;

An organised Mexican crime group calling itself the Knights Templar is distributing booklets – claiming to fight a war against poverty, tyranny and injustice.

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Malaysia Airlines Website Hacked by Group Calling Itself ‘Cyber Caliphate’ Attack Disables Carrier’s Ticket-Booking Service for Part of Day

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