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mag·na cum lau·de (mäg′nə ko͝om lou′də) adv. & adj. With high honors. Used to express high academic distinction: graduated magna cum laude; 25 magna cum

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Nov 15, 2016 · magna cum laude ‎(not comparable) “With great praise”; an honor added to a diploma or degree for work considered to be of much higher quality than average.

Magna cum laude is an academic level of distinction used by educational institutions to signify an academic degree that was received “with great honor.”

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Learn what the terms “magna cum laude” and “summa cum laude” mean and how different universities determine which students receive these academic honors.

Learn about the honor of achieving the Cum Laude title and difference between summa and magna cum laude.

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The Federal University of Ceará awards the magna cum laude honor for undergraduates who have never failed a course, achieved an average grade from 8.5

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Dartmouth honors are awarded as follows: summa cum laude – top 5%, magna cum laude – top 15%, cum laude – top 35%. In the past several years, that has required GPAs

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Define magna cum laude: with great honor — magna cum laude in a sentence

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Magna cum laude, Summa cum laude was in the news on Mar 16, 2016. Summa? Magna? How to distinguish between two marks of distinction. Find out more >

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