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The dative case is traditionally the third grammatical case, and denotes the indirect object of a verb. This page assumes some familiarity with verbal aspect and the

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13 Responses to “What is Dative Case?” nutmeag on November 19, 2008 2:29 am. I definitely agree that grammar is much rarer to find in an American English

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The Noun Case System. The case system in Russian does two things. First, The Dative Case marks the indirect object or recipient of something.

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The dative case (abbreviated dat, or sometimes d when it is a core argument) is a grammatical case used in some languages to indicate, among other uses, the noun to

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Adjectives in Russian are simply words that modify nouns. The endings of adjectives change according to the gender, number, and case of the nouns they modify.

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The dative can be used with prepositions or without them. The typical prepositions for the dative are: к, по, подобно, согласно, благодаря

Essential Russian language grammar, Dative . Ordinary Life in Russia. Advertisement. The dative expresses an action directed towards a person or an object.

The dative case in Russian represents the indirect object of a sentence. It is also also commonly used with reflexive verbs. This grammar reference will allow you to

What is the dative case? Examples of the dative case. See the definition of Dative Case in Grammar Monster’s list of grammar terms and definitions.

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